Experimental Facilities

Transuranium Target Laboratory at the Mainz University

At the "Institute of Nuclear Chemistry" in Mainz, the infrastructure, the expertise, and the licenses issued by the responsible authorities necessary for handling substantial amounts of transuranium elements are available. The institute has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality nuclear targets of, e.g., 239,242,244Pu, 241,243Am, 248Cm, 249Bk, and 249,252Cf. Targets are mainly used in accelerator experiments at the GSI Darmstadt. Recently, 244Pu targets for the production and chemical study of flerovium (Fl, Z=114), 243Am targets for Z-identification studies of element 115 and its daughters with the TASISpec setup, 248Cm targets for nuclear chemical studies of hassium isotopes at and around N=162 with COMPACT, 249Bk and 249Cf targets for the search for the new elements 119 and 120 have been produced. After irradiation, the used targets can be reprocessed to allow for a reuse of the precious and exotic isotopes. Targets for other purposes have also been produced, e.g., as fission targets for the TRIGA Mainz, or as a source in Miss Piggy, a 252Cf fission fragment source installed at the University of Berne. The infrastructure necessary for a characterization of the produced targets including α- and γ-detectors as well as a radiographic imager are also available.

Target Laboratory at GSI