September 29, 2016

Nobelium in the limelight – Atom-at-a-time laser spectroscopy at SHIP gives first insight in heavy element's atomic structure

The analysis of atomic spectra is of fundamental importance for our understanding of atomic structures. Until now, researchers were unable to examine heavy elements with corresponding optical spectroscopy because these elements do not occur in nature and cannot be artificially created in weighable amounts. However, an international team of scientists and engineers led by Dr. Mustapha Laatiaoui (SHE physics department at GSI and HIM) and Prof. Michael Block (GSI, HIM and JGU Mainz) together with collaborators from our own department as well as several other research groups have now looked for the first time into the inner structure of heavy elements.

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Schematic of the experimental setup for the laser spectroscopic studies of No.
Figure: Mustapha Laatiaoui / GSI/HIM

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June 29, 2016
The chemistry is right not only in element 113: Helmholtz International Fellow Professor David Hinde from Australia is guest of GSI and HIM
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May 2016
TASCA16 workshop 

May 09, 2016
One step closer to the development of an ultra-precise nuclear clock
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December 2015
Special Issue on Superheavy Elements of Nuclear Pyhsics A

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